You know me – Music Video

So they say better late than never right? Well hoping that is the case with this video! I wrote “You know me” a couple of years ago when I was at the very beginning of my auto immune disease journey. I was in a really dark place physically and honestly overall felt kind of hopeless. I had this terrible thing that was attacking my body and yet I still had to get up every morning raise my kids and live even though I felt as though I could barely open my eyes. I believe the Lord gave this song to me to remind me that He knew every ache and need, that He had formed me from the beginning and had a purpose and plan for my life just like Psalm 139 says. Music speaks to me…and I hope in the same way that the Lord used this song to sing over me that He does in fact the very same thing in you! The song was released as a single in 2015 and then also on my EP in 2016…and even though we originally recorded this video in 2015 …well lets just say life, kids, illness, a bit of procrastination too and here we are in 2017. And as I said “Better late than never” . Enjoy.