You are known

To be known







To have a place

A reason..

We all crave these things. I think if most of us are truly honest some of our loneliest moments…our empty spaces…our confusion or heartbreak is often when we feel we aren’t understood…seen, heard…when we don’t feel we have a place, when we don’t feel known. Humans were created for relationship. We long to feel and be connected to others.

Even more than connection we need to feel and know that we matter. But we want to feel that we matter not because we possess something but because we are someone with a purpose… Part of feeling as though we matter is in being known from the deepest part of our’s that place where the hiding disappears and the truth reveals all without fear. Its that place where we remove masks.

The ironic thing is that while we long to be known we also long to be discovered…and yet we hide pieces of our identity for we are ashamed of who we are…so we play games, dress up, hide and just hope someone will see the “real” me behind the many masks. Something in us says “if I reveal all of me, love will be removed or withheld” the thing is…that is true amongst humanity. We see something we don’t like or something that makes us uncomfortable and we either withdraw from one another or we subtly demand the other conform to our liking in order to experience our superficial understanding of intimacy and emotional connection.

Eve hid in the garden ashamed of who she was and not just what she had done but was ashamed of what she now knew…things that she should not, things that caused her to experience that which she had never known before…fear, pride, insecurity and lust…she became aware and thus the cycle of running, pursuing, striving and never being filled began. Trying to escape the fear and pursuing fulfillment, security, safety and purpose on her own..proved to be futile.We do the same, we follow her just the same…in our fear we hide ourselves and pursue shelter everywhere but in the one and only whom can truly secure and satisfy the longing in us.

We seek security in our external being…

how we dress

how much we weigh

what our position is


how many children we have

what our homes and cars looks like

in our talents and aspirations

in our success

in our pursuit of being perfect and controlling all things…that inevitably are uncontrollable.

We spend our time pursuing the attention and affirmation of one another hoping to somehow receive a token of hope that we are in fact valuable and loveable. We seek trendy workout regimens and diets in hopes that our outward appearance will somehow add value to our frail earthly frames. We spend a lifetime on what is seen but what is not necessarily real. We keep ourselves busy with things that distract our time keeping us focused on the tangible. We seek these things in hopes that it makes up for our fear of being found out…because while we long to be discovered there is a part of us that fears once we are known we won’t be enough…

in our rawness we fear that who we are simply isn’t valuable without all of the exterior things..

the world tells us these things

culture tells us this

we tell ourselves these lies – that it is in the extras that make us valuable….but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When a Creator designs its creation it has a valuable purpose in mind…we have purpose…purposed by the creator of the universe. We aren’t here by happenstance, it’s not a cosmic accident or evolution that causes man to walk the earth…we were created in Gods image with purpose. From our very first breath he had a purpose in mind for each and every living being.

When my children were born I didn’t only begin loving them when they were wrapped in cuddly clothing of pastels…no…I began my love for them in the womb..before I saw their face… because they were mine, I loved them when I first layed eyes on them in their their helplessness…in their vulnerability…I loved them…I always love them…all of them…because I have known them from the beginning. I have known them since the first fluttter…since the first kick…first cry and first breath…I have known them. This is but a glimpse of how the Father…Creator of the Universe and our being loves you…and me..for we are known from the firsts…from the beginning…with purpose…in all of our nakedness…helplessness and vulnerability He has but purposed us as His most beloved.

He has created us with divine purpose. We are known and loved..and accepted on purpose

Psalm 139:13-14

For you created my inmost being;

you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

your works are wonderful,

I know that full well.