When life is cut short

Life is short. Really short. We underestimate the time we have here..it always seems as though its someone else’s time that is up and not our own…but the clock ticks. The time between the dash of our first breath and our last is…but a vapor. I remember a great pastor I use to learn from once said

“We forget that every day is one day closer to the day when our time is finished”

Now all of this sounds kind of morbid…and perhaps it is a bit. We had two loved ones that passed away this week so the thoughts of life and death are quite prominent on my mind. Both of these people were relatively young. One was in his 50’s, the other not even 40. One lost his battle with cancer, the other  from a brain injury from a motorcycle accident. I am quite certain that neither of them thought the time would be now…this soon…in this way. They will both be missed. There is a hole in the hearts of those who loved and knew them. There is sadness in a life gone to soon…and yet

No one knows.

No one expects it..

No one can really plan for it…but you can bet on it…and you can live like it’s going to happen because it will.

So what do we do with this? What do we do with the inevitable reality that we aren’t invincible superhero’s who never die? What do we do with our short time frame? What will be said of us? What legacy do we leave behind? What words will encapsulate our dash in time…because that is really all that it is….a dash…a mark…

There some are really great dashes out there…and some not so great dashes out there.  One of the best examples of a really great mark…Mother Theresa…a beautiful dash…one that was selfless, a servant, aware of her humanity and others. She lived like she was dying…every day. She lived in a way that left the world she was in a better place. She lived in a way that left people with something of beauty and goodness. She showed Jesus to everyone. She fed the poor. She comforted the broken hearted. She walked with the lonely. She spoke of Jesus loudly…with her life. Not everyone leaves that kind of dash…that kind of mark…but we should aspire to.  To live for others leaves the world in a better place, to live for ourselves dies…when we die.

If you left tomorrow would the world be left with something of value.  Would the world remember you for your leisure time, for your great personality, for the amount of time you spent on Facebook or spent sculpting your body…would they say “oh they did a lot for themselves”…or or would they say “they lived for others”….”they helped me see Jesus” .  Would your legacy be one that speaks and points to Jesus because of a life lived selflessly…with purpose?   Its worth thinking of…it’s worth contemplating…death is inevitable and the passing of others reminds us of it…the passing of others gives us another chance…to make the best possible use of our dash.