What healing feels like

Health and wellness is something that I have always tried to obtain. For those of you who know me or read my blog regularly you know that it is something that I have struggled with chronically over the past 3 years – having a conflicting diagnoses of auto immune disease then labeled chronic fatigue syndrome,  fibromyalgia, poor immune system I accepted this for a long time and did my best to just “get through” however a couple months ago when my health spiraled again I decided I was desperate to do SOMETHING different in hopes that I would at least feel a little better.

In my quest for health I have stumbled upon some amazing things that have literally transformed my well being in the last 6 weeks. To some, 6 weeks may seem like a short time, however to someone who is chronically ill 95% of the time – that is HUGE!

When you aren’t well every minute counts!

My typical day was almost NEVER feeling well, having no energy and a multitude of symptoms including arm and leg numbness, migraines, hair loss, body aches, brain fog, EXTREME fatigue, feelings of flu like symptoms, occasional blurry spells, vertigo…need I go on? Along with these symptoms I was usually fighting infections, a cold, respiratory infection, sinus infection or virus with poor immune function. In our home everyone else would fight off the usual virus or cold in a couple of days but for me it would take weeks to kick these things. When I first felt like I needed to write this post part of me felt like “Hmmmm should you really share YET? You have only been well for a little over a month” and then I realized that at no point in any area of our life are we really fully there

Not physically

Not emotionally

Not relationally

Not spiritually

We are forever on a journey to becoming the whole self that God created. Living in a fallen world requires a constant work of fighting off the things, beings, circumstances and realms that press against our need and desire to be as intended…so we continue to press on and fight the good fight.

When I write my blogs about relationships, parenting, spirituality and now health at no point have I ever felt that I have arrived but more of a sense of movement toward a place of somewhere between the now and the not yet.

So if you are one of those people who like me you too are on a journey of healing not only your inward man but the shell you have given then please join me as I share the things I feel certain God has led me toward my own healing. In the health and wellness section I will be posting the gradual things that I have been doing that have literally taken my health to a brand new level.

I use to wake up feeling like 90 year old woman…today I feel 30 🙂 I hope if you too struggle with your health these things can help you too.

New posts coming soon!