What does your movie reel unfold

Last weekend I had the honor and privilege to sing at the funeral of the mother of a beloved friend of mine. Funerals have a way of bringing all things into perspective.

They have a way of reminding us of our frailty.

They cause us to remember

They bring us back to perspective

They cause us to reflect…on the ones who have entered into the place we will inevitably one day know..but they also cause us to reflect on our own lives.

Where are we at?

Where have we been?

Where are we going?

What is really important?

What is valuable?

Who is most important?

As I sat there and listened to my friend reflect on the life of her mother I couldn’t help but think of countless other funerals that I have attended over the past few years and how each one..like the unfolding of a movie reel recounts the life of the departed.

Some funerals recounted the lives of those who lived in the moment…enjoyed every moment…lived to just be happy…

Some funerals recounted a life completely surrendered to Christ and their lives were constantly pouring out to others.

Some funerals….have very few attendees

Some have many.

One thing is for sure..at every one of these funerals people impacted someone…good, bad or indifferent – they left a mark.

My friend spoke of her mother with the utmost respect; she shared of how her life always pointed to Christ, she served others, loved others, endured much and forgave much too. Her life was one that exemplified joy in the midst of suffering, endurance in trial and a constant pointing to the one who gave her that endurance, that joy..that peace.

Thinking on many others I reflected on how each person has their ‘moment in time’ where the movie reel unfolds and in just short of an hour their life is displayed showing

what they stood for

who they loved

what was important

and more importantly how they spent the time given to them for each frame of their own personal life movie.

I thought about how quickly the dash between our beginning and our end is so very quick and for many…unexpected.

Movies don’t last forever…but they do leave an impact.

Some movies…are good…

some leave us feeling “oh I want to relive that”

some leave us feeling “I want to see that again”

some leave us reciting great one liners

some scenes etched in our memory

some cause us to want to emulate…but others…

well…others might leave very little behind…at least nothing worth repeating….

and some..we’d rather forget.

Some movies are epic. Some are short. Either way…they leave us remembering something…

Not to be morbid but it got me thinking… the way my own life’s movie is unfolding …would it be worth remembering…would someone would want to go see it again…repeat it…recite…emulate.. I hope so. I hope the crumbs I’m leaving behind are worth something…I hope that the places my footsteps have imprinted are wells in the earth that display Christ and His hope. I hope the imprints I am leaving on my children’s hearts..my husbands heart…my family and friends hearts are places that etch goodness and beauty.

Being a part of the celebration of an end of this life and rejoicing in this persons entrance into the next was one that left me with an even greater desire to make certain the frames in my life count…

We never know when the reel will run out but when it does how beautiful to hear –

“… ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ Matthew 25:23

May we all live with eternity in mind.

May we all love others the way Christ loves us.

May our lives always unfold a movie that continually unfolds Christ.