Waiting on Peace

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Christmas…maybe a little to much?  Is there such a thing?  I’m that annoying person that listens to Christmas music in July…or March…or maybe all year.  I’m that kid trapped in an adult body that has zero self control or ability to wait until December to put up the tree..and so I don’t. I’m that weirdo that saw the ad on Facebook for a sweatshirt that says “This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching sweatshirt” ….and bought it.  We usually put up our tree by November (we meaning me when Kevin isn’t home to yell at me about it).  

I love Christmas… but not everyone does.  

For some its a reminder of what they are longing for, a reminder of the loss of someone or something. 

A reminder of what they have been waiting for and haven’t received…a reminder of what isn’t. 

For some, Christmas is just a veneer – shiny lights, sugary sweets that promise delight only to end up showing up on your thighs, boxes full of wrapped up happiness…that doesn’t replace what is truly needed.  We try to buy, conjure up or create peace.

This year has been hard.  Really hard.  We have had multiple health issues in our family one of which landed my husband in the hospital for 10 days and was probably the scariest time of our life.  We have navigated through some incredily heart wrenching family brokenness and overall have been wrung out physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.  And while I have done my usual decorating 97 days to early, broke out the eggnog and Panetone bread and shamefully bought to many gifts for my kids at 5 and below…its just not a replacement for what we really need right now….Peace.  This is nothing new…we all know you can’t buy peace, you can’t beg for it, you can’t hope for it, you can’t sing it into your heart if isn’t there, you can’t fake believe in something you don’t have…or have never received.

I don’t want things.  

I want peace.  

That’s it.  Peace.  

Peace in our hearts.

Peace in our bones.

Peace in our circumstances. 

Peace in our souls..the core of our being…just …Peace.

How about you?   Do you really need more stuff?  Does your kid need another Barbie or PS4?  Look I’m a bit of a hypocrite because I get these things for my kids and we trade gifts and it’s fun….it’s fun for about the hour it lasts to open it and then we still long…for something deeper that cannot be found wrapped in paper or covered in plastic.  Something falls flat after Christmas day is over, the anticipation is over, the wait is over, the smiles and excitement are over,  the wrapping paper is on the floor…and its over.  But here is what gave me so much hope THIS Christmas even though our situations aren’t always hopeful.  Maybe we can’t buy peace but we can access it if we wait in anticipation for it from the one who dispenses it freely to those relying on the giver instead of trying to access it ourselves from things, circumstances and people that cannot.

Advent means “Coming”

The Coming of Christ requires a waiting upon of sorts.  When Mary carried Jesus in her womb she ‘waited’ with anticipation for His arrival. She waited for the hope He would bring to all mankind. 

It’s the same today.  We come with our tired, our weary, our aches and uncertain trials…we wait to be saved from our situations and from ourselves.

We wait and anticipate His arrival in our storms to bring Peace amidst waves crashing over our heads.  

We wait for the bringer of peace to give that which we cannot give ourselves.   

We wait.

So I don’t know about you …but I’m waiting on Peace.  I’m waiting because He says in his word that He is Prince of peace.  Have you ever thought about that word Prince?  

Prince means ruler …or Chief… So he is the ruler of peace.

He is chief of our circumstances

He is chief of peace, He commands it,  He controls it, dispenses it, releases it…He rules with peace.  

I’m trusting in that this Christmas – trusting that the one who rules my heart, rules my circumstances, my present and futures rules with peace.  

And check out this verse – 

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of Christ you were called to peace, and be thankful” Colossians 3:15

We are called to peace because Christ rules our hearts…but we that peace can’t reign if other things are ruling our hearts.  Peace doesn’t thrive in fearful foreboding environments.  Peace doesn’t rule in double mindedness.  Peace doesn’t rule when we ride the roller coaster of the flesh.  Peace doesn’t rule…when we aren’t ruled by Christ.  And that last part …be thankful…thankful because we serve a God who is accessible and fully capable before, behind and beside me and you to give Peace.
Prince of Peace.  

Waiting on peace…I hope you are too, I hope you are waiting with anticipation because He will come.