Strength For Single Moms Podcast

Starting something you have never done, not knowing where to begin or where it will lead – ever been there?  Taking an order to complete a task that perhaps you don’t understand, makes no logical sense or just flat out seems impossible.  This was the tension I faced about 6 1/2 years ago when the Lord placed single moms on my heart.  He wrecked me. He put my best friend in front of me and I watched her life fall apart and all of the sudden I saw someone I had never see before and I couldn’t look away.  I don’t live their life, I don’t walk in their shoes nor do I know their suffering intimately but the Lord let me “see” them and once I truly saw them, I just couldn’t look the other direction.  It’s not the kind of seeing where we flip through instagram and notice a picture that stops us for a second and then we move forward – no this is the kind of seeing that caused my heart to sink and stop and do something.  This is the kind of seeing that kept me up at night and still does.  

Being a mom myself of 4 children ranging from the ages of 11 – 7 I understand the crashing waves and violent winds of motherhood.  

I’ve felt the raging seas and I’ve seen it’s beauty as the quiet laps of water meets the edge of the shore for just a tiny second of peace.  

I know that motherhood is the single thing in my life that has driven me to my most chaotic and yet has also been the single thing that has calmed and captured my soul like nothing else.  

I know to well the dichotomy of desperately wanting quiet time ALONE with no one around me and yet at the same time pining for their squealing voices to be near.  

I have lost years of sleep whether it was interrupted by the pitter patter of little feet or the clanging sound of my own fears bellowing in my heart causing me to google every worry, ailment or childhood malady.  

I’ve spent years diving into the hard work of self inventory trying to right the wrongs of my own story so as not to pass along the ugly parts to their unstained story.  

But more than all of that….I am a momma who has sat bedside praying, crying, asking the Lord for answers, asking the Lord for rescuing in my own life or for theirs.  

I’ve been on the knee side of warfare for their little hearts with palms broken open by the fathers hand grasping at my tiny soul as I’ve treaded through the mysterious, unknown waters that are life.

I’ve fought for my kids and sometimes the fight of motherhood can feel lonely even for those of us who aren’t single moms. Moms need connection, moms need cheerleaders, moms need strength…moms need each other.

Because I have seen my own need for connection, for understanding, for belonging, for leading, for encouragement 6 1/2 years ago I along with my precious friend ran out into new fierce waters of the unknown to seek out the hearts of single mamas.  We sought them out in community and brought them to a place where we could show them Jesus as they found one another.  Through this place we have seen mamas find a home in one another…and as they found their homes in one another they found strength in ways they never thought possible to do what seems like an impossible feet.  

As time has passed our hearts have been burdened to reach mamas beyond our own immediate community.  We have felt a calling to reach out to mamas who are scrolling through Facebook late at night looking for solace.  We have felt a calling to encourage those flipping through instagram with a hope filled word that they might know they are seen.  We have felt a desperate need to reach those who are not in a place where they can reach out and bring the word to them…bring community to them in an online forum…bring encouragement, strength, healing, hope.  We have felt a calling to create a podcast for single moms by single moms.

So what originally started out in the walls of a church classroom has felt the call to enlarge our tents beyond 4 walls to those hiding behind screens…to those who find their only moments of silence sitting on their bathroom floors at 3 am.  We are meeting mamas right where they are. We are meeting them and grabbing their chins and lifting their arms up behind clicks on a keyboard or voices on a podcast because strength can lift us in mysterious ways.

And me, well again finding myself outside of my comfort zone…but that is where the Lord moves most.  He moves in our weaknesses far more than our strengths.  He moves through our lack…far more than in our excess.  He creates something out of nothing.  He brings dry bones to life again.  

So if you are a single mom or you know of a single mom who needs community and can’t bring herself to join a group in your area, if you know of a mom who needs encouragement in the wee hours of the night…if you know of a mom who needs strength – please help her to see she is not alone – Strength for Single Moms is here waiting with open arms.

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