Good Good Father

I remember the first time I heard “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin I immediately was reduced to tears. This song is so incredibly powerful and replete with the truth of Gods infinite love and endless kindness for His sons and daughters. So often we find ourselves searching for truth, hope or rest in things, people and circumstances that were never meant to bring us rest.

St Augustine is quoted as saying “We are made for you and we are restless until we rest in you”

Being somewhat of a restless soul I so identify with this need to find rest from the chaos in my busy mind when in fact rest is staring right at me and has never taken His loving eyes off of me.

It is easy in our humanity to search for a lesser love in other people. For many their earthly fathers have disappointed and some have even caused harm so it can easily confuse the wounded heart in relationship to God the Father. But when we come to the place of understanding who God is and that He is our loving Heavenly Father who in fact calms the restlessness in our being, who created us, who loves us with a love that cannot compare to earthly love we can then find our true rest.

If you find yourself feeling disappointed by the people and things of this world know that they will never satisfy and were never meant to. Like the prodigal we can find ourselves searching for peace and hope in lesser things but the Father always waits with open arms to receive us and fulfill our hearts every ache and need.