Confessions of a tired mom and my love for Chick Fil-A

I’m tired. Bone tired. I have a horrible migraine amidst my normal ailments that come along with an auto immune condition. I didn’t sleep last night despite taking a multitude of remedies and today my kids woke up way earlier than even the sun was willing to wake up and were bounding with energy..endless energy all day ..and I’m spent. Tonight, the thought of cooking a meal made me want to either crawl into one of those cheesy Calgon commercials or disappear into my bedroom until either I feel refreshed which could likely be 15 years or until my kids fell asleep…which was a more likely scenario. However, being a mom…part of the mom deal is making dinner…which I normally love. I love Food Network. But tonight – NO GO. I’m not whipping up dinner…not even a pathetic turkey sandwich – I’m tired…and Chick Fil-A is around the corner and they will do me more of a favor than they realize.

Oh Chick FilA how I love thee let me count thy ways:

1) Your chicken is amazing.

2) I love your sauce too. Chick Fil-A sauce full of ingredients that are probably more calories than the sandwich but I don’t care because it’s that good.

3) I love your drive through option with Mom’s valet – you make my life less hectic. Instead of standing at the counter dropping cash out of my horribly disorganized purse with 3 year old in tow, a 5 year old and twin 7 year olds I get to give you my money while my adorable and full of energy monkey’s are tightly strapped inside of the car – Woohoo! Hey other fast food chains…if you did this too I would likely pay you a visit too.

4) Did I mention your chicken rocks? Waffle fries – yep…those too.

5) Your staff is always considerate..always accommodating and always smiling. I don’t know what kind of pills you feed them or what you lace the chicken with to make them so nice but I want some…I want to be that happy…whatever you’re doing to keep the morale up it’s working because there is no where else I’d rather be feeding my kids than a restaurant with smiling happy people who help make my life easier when I have mom stress scowls on my face.

6) Your play area not only contains my kids but keeps them from fighting with each other…they actually play here…and bonus – I can see them through a glass window. You have literally created a padded room for children…I want one of these in my own house but driving around the corner to your happy little restaurant will suffice.

7) Last but certainly not least the Christian values not hidden by the late Dan Cathy are much appreciated. Thanks for not hiding who you are and what you stand for in a politically correct world where it’s only PC to be anything BUT a Christian.

Kudo’s Chick Fil-A : you make life easier for us parents…you make our kids happy and I don’t mind stealing their delicious waffle fries while they frolic in the room you created so that I could recollect my mom sanity…

Thank you for letting moms have a break.