Album coming soon – Make something beautiful

Music..its my other language besides writing. I really can’t remember a time when I wasn’t singing. My mom had me in piano lessons, singing groups, choirs, jazz choirs, christian touring groups…pretty much any environment that would give me an outlet to do what felt like breathing to me..I was part of.
Music has always been that place that I go when I don’t know what else to do…what else to say…when I don’t understand. I guess I have always felt…like the music understood me wherever I was.

I have been writing for as long as I could hold a pen. Writing is my expression and it makes its way through me as though I have nothing to do with the words other than to obey them and it is then that I understand things I couldn’t any other way. These words make there way into melodies and then something magical happens in my soul that is really unexplainable other than to just say I breathe.

At the age of 21 I moved to Florida and through a series of several different people stumbled upon my church Christ Fellowship. Christ Fellowship became home for me..the people became home for me..and even more the music became home. I joined the worship team at 22 and have been leading there ever since. It has been a journey of growth since the first day I set my foot in that building. God planted me there..and I’ve had the privilege to ‘bloom where I’ve been planted’.

Through Christ Fellowship I was a part of several recordings through our church.

Be the Center

No Greater Audience

Cityplace The Ascent

Michael Neale Live Concert

Now I am currently working on my first solo album. I am so excited to announce that new music is coming soon!!! My first single will be out in just a few short weeks and my solo album “Make Something Beautiful” is due to release in 2015! To have the opportunity to release the songs that have been brewing in my heart for years is an indescribable feeling.

I’m humbled. Humbled that God gave me a way to share in a language that is universal…music is something that is felt in the soul. Words mean something but music transcends the words and translates them into the heart.

I’m scared. Scared because this is me letting go of something that was put on my heart. The fear of rejection is one that we all have whether we acknowledge it or not. Vulnerability is scary and freeing at the same time.

I’m expectant. Expectant because I know that God works all things together for good. I’ve walked in places I wouldn’t want to go back to but am grateful for the lessons learned – these songs are reflections of valleys walked through and rivers crossed…all being carried by Gods love. These songs are all my questions answered. I’m expectant because these songs aren’t mine, they were written through me and I’m expectant that God does His best works through messy people willing to be dusted off like diamonds in the rough.