A different song

One of the beauties that I get to experience as a worship leader is getting a birds eye view of God’s people. Every time I have the priviledge to lead, I visibly see Him washing the feet of the congregation.

I get to see people joyful and exuberant at the freedom they experience in chains being removed.

I get to see people weeping at the beauty of our Savior.

I get to see people that are a part of my own life…knowing where they have been and what they have walked through and get to watch them worship the King…

I get to see surrender – somewhat visibly and it’s just beautiful.

This past weekend was one of those times when I saw Gods people in a way I never have before; in our front row our church has a section for the hearing impaired. These people sit and view the hearing impaired interpreter lead them through song, through announcements and through the message. As I looked out and saw their hands raised during worship it so moved me…

they were worshipping…without all that I could hear.

They were worshipping from

the voice

the song

the music that they heard from within…

of course they can feel the reverberation of the floor through their feet…

but they get to ‘hear’ worship different than I ever will… they get to ‘hear’ songs different and perhaps in ways sweeter than I ever will.

I think our culture has gotten really use to ‘worship’ always being acquainted only with a ton of instruments, lights, vocals, full band….which all of this is wonderful, I love all of it, I’m part of it and see the beauty in it…but sometimes…I think we can tend to wait for the band to play, we wait for the worship leader to sing, we wait for the music, perhaps we wait to be AT church…we wait to be in the building…we wait to be around other Christians …before our hearts ‘experience’ worship……and maybe in our over sensory world laden with sound and external noise we forget how and where worship springs from.

Maybe…just maybe…somehow we aren’t quiet enough, still enough, silent enough…deafened enough to the the outer to truly Hear …another …song.

Music moves us…

Lyrics resonate with us….

But the song…the worship…the surrender…the gratitude…it comes first from within us…

Deeper and more wonderful than what our feeble ears can hear is the still small voice within…the one who moves us to sing, moves us to play, moves us to write, moves us to create, moves us… to be moved.

When the spirit of the Lord dwells within our souls and we bend down low in surrender in the quietness of our inner silence to the beauty that He is

…we worship…

we truly worship without the things going on outside of us.

This is what I saw this weekend. I saw a different song…I saw a different type of worship …

worship that didn’t wait for music

worship that didn’t wait for cues

worship that didn’t wait for great lyrics or masterful guitar playing

This worship was visibly seen apart from outward song…

The outward moves us… but at some point that music stops…so the song truly must come from within.

Being a songstress and an incredibly emotional one at that I am and always will be moved deeply by music.

I bawl at the very first note of that song that touches where I’m at.

I experience great comfort in that lyric that expresses what my heart knows.

I am moved by lyrics, I am moved by all of the wonder that is music…but more than that it is from the quiet moments that move me most…to write…to sing…to create.

So this weekend…this was a blessed visual reminder that true soul changing worship doesn’t wait for the music…surrendered inward worship is what creates it.