Love has come

I remember the first time I knew I was pregnant.
I remember that first moment I knew that life was being shared with mine.
I remember that first knowing that my breath was breathing and exhaling for another.
My heartbeat was different…not just the rhythm but the reason it was beating suddenly felt different.
The idea that I was carrying a being with purpose.
I began to think differently.
I began to eat differently.
I began to dream differently.
I began to plan differently.
While there were no visible signs early on, it was me who’s life beat with a new reason.
I picture Mary…as I had felt.
She woke up one day to an awareness that her life and breath were no longer her own.
Her heartbeat was different… skipping to a rhythm entirely unique to what she had always known.
Her purpose was different for she carried the beating heart of the one who would come and mend the hearts of humanity.
How beautiful to know that hope and peace was pulsing through her veins.
I know the responsibility felt when carrying a feel a bit like God ..and yet, she…blessed Mary full of grace was carrying Him…young Mary was carrying the Savior of the world in her womb.
Within her frame she carried fear, hope, expectation and deliverance inside the walls of her own human frailty.
Within her she carried Love.
Love had come.
Love had come… just like Love promised it would… Love had come to:

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