Song stories : Make something beautiful

Life is unpredictable at best. The greatness that often makes its way into our stories are often ones that are a byproduct of the unplanned, unpredictable and unfortunate tragic scenes from our lives.

A couple of years ago one of my closest friends was in a place of unpredictable circumstances. Through a series of heartbreaking events she found herself in the position of being a single mom carrying for her two children under the age of 6.

This wasn’t the dream.

This was not the portrait she would have painted for herself.

This wasn’t the color pallet she would have chosen.

This wasn’t the way the story would have been told had she picked out the ending.

And yet she still wakes up every morning with hope inside that God is still holding the brush and painting a story on the canvas of her life that is far more beautiful than what she would have sketched out for herself.

I wrote “Make Something Beautiful” as a cry from her heart…

“Lord make something beautiful …out of this”.

It’s a picture of her sorrow holding hands with the Savior knowing that He holds the brush of life and will paint beauty in and through it should we allow Him to. Honest words that don’t rush to the scene where we say ‘it will all be better’ but an acknowledgment of the wrestling that melds together with faith that God is beautiful and through His beauty and in His time He makes beauty…out of this…

My friends story is still in process of shading…the colors are still being selected but her story has produced beauty already. Because of her tragedy, a birth of a Single Moms Ministry has taken place and because of her identification with this type of struggle she can minister to others in a like circumstance…and God shows His beauty…out of this.

You might not be a Single Mom struggling to get by and raise your children but perhaps the picture you had envisioned for your life isn’t the one that is unfolding. Perhaps like my friend Lynne you wake up every morning with hope inside desperate for Gods glory to cast light in places that seem the least likely to produce beauty. But it is in the place of our lack, in our frailty, in the place of uncertainty…in the unplanned…the unpredictable…the unstable… where God etches beauty if we let go of the paintbrush.

We cannot take the things of life and tie them in a pretty bow in our own limited understanding. What the enemy intends for harm the Lord can use…for out of ashes He is master at creating.

Dry bones…

water from a rock..

sight for the blind…

He does these beautiful things in and through our most peculiar and tragic, uncertain and unwanted situations.

As I began to write the words and melody of this song I found that it was a cry from my own heart at a time in my life when I too was walking through my own difficult circumstance of a chronic illness with no answers or promise of healing. It comforted me to be reminded that the Father creates from the ashes out of our life and turns it into something beautiful.

So maybe your story doesn’t look like my friends uncertainty, maybe it doesn’t look like a daily chronic illness..maybe it’s emotional, maybe it’s relational, maybe it’s a prayer for your child or husband or friend…it’s something that isn’t finished yet..a story yet to be written… Know this – He will create something beautiful from it and our hearts cannot begin to fathom or foresee the ways He uses these spaces of uncertainty…

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. Ecclesiastes 3:11

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