15 years and he still surprises me

I’ve never been the kind of girl that cares about jewelry…well fancy jewelry at least. Give me pearls or diamonds and they will sit on my shelf..I’m just not that classy. Costume bangles and Indian inspired chandelier earrings for $8 at Forever 21 and I’m in love.

I don’t care about flowers either…never have. I don’t really know what to do with them other than stare at them, but give me a basil plant, a fresh thyme or Cilantro plant and my mind will unravel with glee about the endless ways I could cook or decorate a plate with it.

All of that being said, I’m not the kind of mom or Valentine that expects “things” to be lavished on me for special occasions…and my husband of 15 years knows this. Kevin has always been full of surprises. Kevin knows just how to show me he loves me and values me.

This past mothers day weekend was no different – no flowers, no candy, no jewels that would sit in a tucked away cabinet…nope – he swept me off my feet for a weekend away alone with him to do what some would say are ordinary things but in our world they are the things that we enjoy most together.

Thrift stores

garage sales

green markets



more food

time to walk together

time to talk together

time to solve the worlds problems over several cups of coffee…

these things fill me up…just being..and being with the one I love.

I love my 4 babies more than words could possibly express and I love to be with them but he knew that what I needed to feel loved on this Mothers day weekend was to be able to eat an entire meal all the way through without getting up and pacifying someone…he knew that I needed a nap…he knew that I needed to have a quiet conversation alone with him without interruptions…all good things…simple things.

It’s these things that cause me to fall even more in love with this man that I said “I do” to 15 years ago…I don’t need expensive things, places or showy professions of love from him…I love the simplicity of love in the everyday….ordinary…simple things…these are the things that speak to me.

I love that we can sit on a seawall with a cup of coffee and laugh at the the most juvenile things and the next moment ponder together about the wonder of our God, our hopes, our fears, our love for our children and our …everyday.

I love everyday with this man. I love washing dishes with him. I love doing laundry with him. I love chasing our babies around the yard together. I love planning tomorrow with him. I love watching the History Channel with him. But more than that I love that he truly is a man after God’s heart and he loves me like one…he literally lays down his life for me and the kids…every day…selflessly he leads, loves and sacrifices for us. His quiet strength is one worthy of my utmost respect and speaks volumes of the God he models his love after …with or without words …

It’s the way he loves our children…

It’s the way he loves me…

its the way he loves his God…

it’s the way he is…simply him…

This man…after 15 years continues to steal my heart and I am wrapped up in it…he makes me want to be a better woman and a better mother and makes me feel as though I can be…

And I am thankful…thankful beyond words that God placed us in each others path 15 years ago… I’m thankful to walk through life with him, thankful to mother his children… thankful to do the hard and the simple, ordinary and beautiful things of life together –

I’m thankful that God sees and loves me through him.

Out of words…