Asking for small things

Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11 If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! Matthew 7:9-12

You can ask Him.

It might seem trivial to you

it might seem selfish

it might seem small in the big scheme of things

it may seem like it doesn’t matter in relation to Kingdom things…


I feel and know and have experienced that my God loves me greater than I could ever love even my own children and that all that matters to me in some way concerns Him. It’s not the kind of concern that grants every wish like a genie, nor is it the kind of concern that wants to make me ‘happy’ every second of every day…it is however the kind of concern that a good father has for his child…

When Micah was 3 he was obsessed…and I mean obsessed with Buzz Lightyear. Buzz went everywhere. Buzz went to the park. Buzz went in the car. Buzz went in the tub. Buzz went outside. Buzz went to bed. Buzz was pretty much an extra appendage for Micah.

But one day Buzz got lost. He disappeared. Gone. Just gone.

Micah was crushed.

And it mattered.

It mattered to me.

Buzz became something of interest and concern to me because it concerned Micah.

Was finding Buzz going to make a difference in eternity? No.

Was finding Buzz life or death? No.

Was finding Buzz going to change the world? No.

Was finding Buzz going bring world peace? No.

No. But finding Buzz would matter to my son so it mattered. I love Micah. I love who he is, I love his heart, I love what matters to him because he matters to me.

I asked God for something the other night…sheepishly I asked my Father for something quite insignificant in the face of the bigger picture. I asked Him for something that didn’t move mountains or draw sinners to His feet. I asked Him for something that didn’t solve every ache of the world…or even every ache in my own heart for that matter. But I asked because it was something that actually mattered to me…and He answered.

He answered not because I’m perfect.

He answered not because it was something that will make a difference in anyones life but it made a difference in mine.

He answered not because I am deserving of special gifts.

He answered I believe because He is a good Father who is concerned even with the Buzz Lightyear moments in my life that matter to me just like in the case with my son.

I needed a kiss from heaven the other day and He answered. He answered in a seemingly small way..that mattered to me.

I wonder about you. I wonder if you’ve given up on asking for the small things…the things that remind you that He is into details, that He is into little things.

For a long time I had sort of stopped praying…or asking really. I prayed but didn’t come with every need for fear that I was being a narcissist asking for the trivial – until one day my daughter gave me a very real picture of what withholding my fears, questions, hopes and dreams looked like. She asked me for something quite sheepishly – she said “I want to ask you something but I’m afraid you’ll say no” – My answer surprised her….to this request I said yes. There have been times of no and times of not yet, times of wait for someday but no matter the request it doesn’t change my love for her nor does it keep me from wanting to be a part of every detail.

I want to know.

I want to know the big moments.

I want to know the little moments.

I want to know worries.

I want to know fears.

I want to know victories.

I want to know hopes.

I want to know dreams.

All of it. Every detail.

How much more does the Lord even in His infinite knowledge want to be included in the conversation to walk with us?

The answer may be no.

The answer may be not yet.

The answer may be wait.

But the answer will never be ‘go away don’t bother me with this’ – because if we truly are the ones He calls beloved then what good father would turn away from His beloved.

It matters folks.

The details matter.

The big scary monsters of tomorrow that we fear – they matter.

The hopes for tomorrow – they matter too.

The hunger to know Him more – matters.

The desperate cry to be understood – matters.

The longing in our hearts – it matters.

The big, the small, the in between, over and underneath – all matters…to a good Father.

My daughter reminded me to come to Him with all things.


Don’t stop asking for fear of no, not today or wait…keep the conversation going.

It matters.