When I bow…

Day and night they never stop saying: “‘Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty,’ who was, and is, and is to come.” Revelation 4:8
I can picture the angels..rising and proclaiming “Holy Holy Holy”…collapsing in awe, bowing again and then again rising up to yet again proclaim “Holy Holy Holy”. Perhaps each time they bow down lower and lower all the while each time they rise…they see yet another glimpse of His beauty, His glory, His majesty and His splendor. Once again they are incapable of standing and must once again bow down only to rise yet again – they are captivated by another glimpse they had not seen before…”Holy, Holy Holy”….they cannot cease to bow they cannot cease to proclaim. Day and night.

I think of our place here on earth and how we have the opportunity to see glimpses of His beauty, His splendor..each time we bow down..each time we surrender…each time we let go…each time we trust…each time we bend low, we see yet another piece of the endless beautiful mystery of a most perfect God.

It is not when I stand tall assured that all is going as I planned that I see Gods provision..no it is more in the times of uncertainty…<strong>when I bow</strong>.. when I surrender to the unknown that I see the piece of Him that is provider.

It is not in times of circumstantial joy that I see God as Abba but even more when life makes no sense and I still bow and am comforted by a peace unexplainable that only a good comforting Father could provide.

It is not in battles won in my own skin that I see Him as my banner, my shelter, my shield..no it’s more in the times of surrender..<strong>when I bow</strong>.. because I am in over my head that I see Him as my rock, my pillar – the one who fights for me..the one who is for me.

It is when I bend low to my understanding, my plans, my wants, my expectations, my entitlements…that I truly begin to rise to see His Holiness and yet again cannot help but once again be brought to my knees in awe of a wonderful creator who in all of the greatness that He is …still sees me.