The girl who didn’t ask why

Time to take you on a bit of a journey with me. For those of you who read this blog regularly you may have read one of my recent posts about my friend Lynne and her story of the tragic loss of her husband who entered a vegetative state from a motorcycle accident. This event led to her becoming a single mom overnight. If you haven’t read you can catch up


Prior to this accident Lynne had endured plenty in her marriage. What she went through in less than 10 years was more than most suffer through in a lifetime.

While we knew God was sovereign and that He was more than able to make good things out of rubble…there was that one question…


Why God?

Why would you allow this?

Why if you have the power to move mountains did you not move this one?

Why did you allow one person to be treated like this?

Why would you watch?

Why didn’t you do…what you could do?


The answer. Well we could probably “Christianese” our way through a million trite answers…

But the truth is… nothing is as it should be.


Not our world around us.

Not our relationships.

Not our inward thoughts.

Not even a beautiful rose in all of its splendor has reached the state of perfection…for in a fallen world even in its momentary beauty…it still withers.



Yep. We hate that word. But our world is filled with it.


Because we chose it. From the moment Eve delighted in that apple…her sin touched Adam…and his shame..and her shame…well they touched humanity and we’ve been running…hiding..withering…ever since.

We all feel as though we are exempt from its snare but we are not. When sin entered the world it’s capacity to touch us all intentionally or not was inevitable.

Be it our own tainted hearts or the hearts of the wounded around us.

Be it our falling apart world that props itself up..

Be it our propped up selves…it has touched…will touch all of us..some how..someway. It just will…and that is where the fork in the road of our faith really begins..

Pain is the name of that crossroad for all of us.

Emotional pain

Physical pain

Relational pain



I could go on…all unfortunate symptoms of living under the curse.

My friend. My beautiful friend…she didn’t choose THIS story. However living in a broken world where broken people make broken choices…it chose her.

So here is where her story is different.

She stopped asking Why.
Not because she didn’t wonder…but because at some point she changed her question to

What Lord?

What do I do with this?

Who do I touch with this?

How can I use this?

Who are you in this?

She…like Job learned every answer she could have contemplated amidst her suffering…more than she bargained for….

She took the what and the who and looked at who she was…who she identified with in her trial. It wasn’t her identity – her identity is in Christ …but she identified with the Single mom. She didn’t fit in the divorce category. She didn’t fit in the widow category. But single mom…yeah, she knows that.

She’s doing this mom thing…alone.

She puts her babies to sleep by herself.

She takes them to school herself.

She gets no relief when she is sick.

She pays the bills.

She fixes things when they don’t work.

She worries about them..herself.

She prays over them…herself.

But…she actually wasn’t alone. God became the one who was her everything during all of those moments…giving her strength endurance, peace, comfort…and more. And because she realized this she was able to impart these hopes, these truths, these gems to other Single Moms…because she was living it.

How – together her and I were given a vision by God to give a place to others who don’t have the same story but identify with the single mom…out of her tragedy a life group of single moms was birthed..a place where others could exhale their fears, lean on one another and not walk alone. Like Aaron and Hur lifting the arms of Moses in battle – this group became strong arms for heavy hands…

Who was God in this?

He was and is the great I AM. 

Whatever she needed…He was.

So because she changed the questions…well…I believe her destiny changed too. Instead of withering in whys she bloomed with how, what and who…and it not only healed her…but it birthed healing in others.

An infected soul infects others…but a healed soul..heals others. Her healing…begat healing.

Through her healing…she discovered who she was in Christ..who she was intended to be..not someone who wanders through life with a broken wing but knows who to go to repair it and then flies.

She is soaring because she chose to. As an artist Lynne offered her gift unto The Lord in a worship event where she did live painting. It had been years since she had picked up her brushes…and interestingly enough…now, after experiencing tremendous blessing and healing…what did she paint…

The cross. Where sin and shame are erased. Where healing begins. Where brokenness is mended. Where hope begins.

5 But he was pierced for our transgressions,
he was crushed for our iniquities;
the punishment that brought us peace was on him,
and by his wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5

“He knoweth the way that I take; when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold”

Job 23:10